Click the above links to listen to Trust and Believe or to stream the music video!

With Timmy 13 and Dann O. teaming up to create Strike Zero, they have released their first single, Trust and Believe! The song has been met with positive praise and reviews! Make sure you check out the music video streaming on YouTube now!

Get ready for the debut album from Timmy 13, Unruly....Harmony! Timmy 13 has been involved in music his entire life. He fell in love with punk rock and ska at around the age of 11. This album is full covers from genres all over. Timmy put his own spin on these covers while recording all the instruments, coming up with the arrangements, and having two extremely talented female vocalist accompany him. Timmy considered these two the real harmony of the album. Click on the links below to start streaming now!

Jenna 13

Jenna 13 joined forces with Timmy 13 in 2017 in Strike 13. She came to Strike 13 as a solo artist and quickly found her way into the punk world. It was only natural to ask her to sing on the album Unruly....Harmony. Jenna Will be featured on upcoming releases from KoMax Studios. 

Stacia and Timmy have worked together for over ten years in Minnesota. Stacia has a power house voice and it was no brainer to ask her to be a part of the first release. Stacia has been involved in music in Minnesota and in Florida. Stacia is currently planning a punk rock children's album along with working on other upcoming releases from KoMax Studios. 

Komax Studios

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