Komax Services


  1. Studio Recording (Mixing and Mastering)
  2. Live Recording (Mixing and Mastering)
  3. Photography (Live and Promo)
  4. Video (Editing, Full length, Music Video, Promo Video, plus more!)
  5. Live Sound (Indoor, Outdoor, Artist/Bands, Cooperate Events, Private Parties, ETC)
  6. DJ (Cooperate Events, Private Events, Other Occasions) 


When Running sound, we have the ability to accommodate small, medium and some large venues. We have the power to also run most outdoor venues. We include monitors and have the ability to run in ears and give you control of your own mix. Lights are also provided as part of production. 


Gear list coming soon!



For any of these services, please contact us at info@komaxstudios.com and someone from our team will get right back to you to discuss these options further with you!



Services are all on contract to hold both parties accountable. All fees are are discussed and agreed upon before contract signing and will be  set in the contract. Services are subject to change pending venue and availability (EXAMPLE: If an outdoor show was planned, but the weather is not cooperative, the parties can negotiate a later date and venue change (fees may change) for any video.) Some Services my require a deposit which in some cases, may not be refundable.

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