We are proud and honored to announce that we have teamed up with the Ziggy's All Stars Jam to provide professional video and audio for bands and artist. Every other Wednesday we will be there and set up to record the entire evening's performance as well as the showcase band. 

Check out www.ziggysallstars.com to get more information and to sign up!

We will have edited professional video/audio for you to purchase. 

For individual artist (not including the showcase band) will start at $25. 

This is a basic edit that is catered to you (the purchaser) to have and keep and use for whatever you may need it for. If more than one person purchases the video, there will be multiple edits made to cater to the individual purchasing the video. We want to make sure we are showcasing you as the individual so you can have this video for your own archives or auditioning for a band. 


For the Showcase band, (roughly 30 minutes) the cost will start at $100. This will be a basic edit of professional video and audio for your band. There are few other options that we can do for an added cost which we will discuss the evening of the shoot. 

Payments accepted are:






If you were at the jam but did not get a chance to purchase your video but are still interested, please use the “Contact Us” and let us know the song, what instrument you played, and how you want to pay. We will make sure that we get you the video. 


All videos will be subject to an agreed and signed contract. A contract must be signed. No exceptions. 


Somethings to note:

It is impossible for me to show you any video for reference that evening as we are
using five cameras. This IS a multi-camera shoot. Each camera will be used in the
editing. Each camera holds their own elements of the show. 
We will NOT edit a video WITHOUT payment upfront. There is a lot of time and
effort that goes into editing. Payment is due that evening. Should you choose later on
that you would like a video, you can reach out and set up payment, then we will edit
and get to you.

Because these are cover songs, almost the only place you can upload is to YouTube.
YouTube holds a special license that allows us as artist to upload cover songs. Then
from there you can share the link on your other social media pages. If you try to
upload anywhere else (such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, ETC) without the proper
license, there is extremely high chance that it WILL be taken down and a strike will
go against to possible even deletion of your page. Please Understand that even some
covers cannot be uploaded to YouTube (all though this seems to be rare) and can
either be completely blocked, blocked in some countries, and can even add a strike to
your page.  All cover videos uploaded to YouTube will be marked as “Copyright” and
will not be able to monetize on without and agreed upon license between you and that
artist and other parties involved. 
Edits will take between 5-7 days. If there will be any other delays for any reason, we
will reach out via email/text/phone. I say “we” a lot here, but I am one person
completing this for you and sometimes things come up that I must tend to. Please be

We are providing you a service at a massive discount. We do take the audio from a
split snake and capture each “track" individually. We then run the audio through a
DAW and attempt to get the best edit for your audio that we can. 
There are a lot of things to consider when we are recording the audio:

Not everyone drums the same or sings the same. However, everything is mic'd
equally. We will do our absolute best to edit based off how you performed. Guitars
and Bass are usually running through the same amps all night and have minimal

With that said above, there are Absolutely NO refunds. Once the video is delivered,
you now have possession of it. A refund would mean, we take a financial hit, while
you still have use of your video. If something goes wrong during the editing process,
such as bad sound, bad camera angles, ETC, then we will reach out BEFORE delivery
to discuss what the issues are. We may get on a video a call if necessary to show you
what the issues are. That is the point that if both parties agree, then a refund will be
issued via the way you made your payment. 

“Raw Footage” is not free. We will not give this away. You can choose to purchase
your raw footage at an agreed upon price. Raw footage only includes the raw video
that was taken. “Raw Audio” is also not free. You can choose to purchase your raw
audio at an agreed upon price. Please understand that the prices above for video either
for individual and/or showcase band is at a massively discounted rate. Any raw
footage and/or raw audio will NOT be at a discounted rate. The cost will reflect the
normal cost of what these would be under normal circumstances. 
We will hold onto footage and audio (raw and edited) for at least 60 days. After that
things will be deleted as needed for storage. Please know that we are still working
with computers, and sometimes things happen. Although we do our absolute best to
care for and back up footage and audio, sometimes things happen that we cannot

We try and capture the best video and audio that we can. This is not a controlled
environment. Not everything will be perfect, but we will try out absolute best. With
changing members every song, this makes audio a little more difficult to edit. Please
keep that in mind.

It is your responsibility to make sure that your instrument is in tune, or that you know
your parts. If you get a video and you are unhappy because of these issues, we will not
refund. Please know what you are purchasing. It is a jam where no one rehearses
together. Mistakes are going to happen. Listen the band as you are performing. Try to
well inform yourself before purchasing. We want you to be happy with the video, but
these are things that we cannot control and cannot be “fixed” in post.

If you have purchased a video, and an error has happened on our end and we cannot deliver, you will be
contacted and you will then have the option of either full refund or credit towards a future purchase.



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